Alfred Lord Tennyson

Life to the Lees!

Our restaurant is called “Lees” and we’re asked frequently, “Who’s Lee?”  

“Lees” is actually a plural noun, referring to the sediment in wine. It’s included in the poem Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson, where he says he will “drink life to the lees.”  We read Tennyson to mean that he wants to drink up all that life has to offer, and we agree.  Can we pour you a glass? 

Be sure to get a good look at our mural of Tennyson when you come in. 

Easy To Enjoy Food

The menu at Lees is food that tastes good, is easy to enjoy, and pairs great with the great wine and craft beer list.  We also offer an extensive line of craft cocktails that can be perfectly matched to any item on the menu.  Just ask your server or bartender for guidance – we love to talk wine, beer, and cocktails!

Fantastic Wine List

Like our menu, our wine list is approachable and enjoyable.  It’s easy to choose wine using our pairing system, or just ask your server or bartender – we’re happy to help! 

Welcome to Dillsboro!

Lees is incredibly excited to be a part of the resurgence of Dillsboro. We love our little town and our locals, so if you’re visiting us, we’re quite certain that you’ll fall in love with our town, too.